Welcome To Meacon

Established in 1992, Meacon cc is the leading manufacturer of coffin lowering devices in Southern Africa. Based in Centurion, Gauteng, we design, manufacture and service all funeral-related equipment.

Our product inventory includes automatic coffin lowering devices, mild steel and stainless steel stands, full and half-folding church trolleys, roller-racks, coffin stoppers, aluminium coffin rollers and embalming tables.

At the forefront of our business model is our automatic, funeral director lowering device. This device is comprised of two head units, two long pipes, two belts and a crank handle. Optional accessories include four elevation stands as well as curtains and curtain rails available in various colors. The head units are manufactured from cast aluminium which not only reduces overall weight of the lowering device but also affords corrosion-resistance. Components comprising the internal mechanism are manufactured to stringent tolerances by cnc lathes and milling machines. This ensures that individual components, as well as the coming together of the overall device, are of the highest quality and precision. All external pipes are manufactured from stainless steel for its corrosion-resistance and strength. Overall, these pointers demonstrate the quality of our lowering device.